Cyber Security Implementation “The Vampire”

Documentation of the “The Vampire

When asked what “Implementation” means to one’s purpose, I documented what was communicated…

Cyber Security Implementation from a Neurological Processing P.o.V

Our neuro-link interface is not like yours. We do not require the monitoring of our networks like your kind. An effective cyber security administrator must be able to handle a dynamic and evolving operational environment. This requires much meditative and awareness of presence. Security must take in the entire picture without losing the minutest of detail. According to your processes…

Assess the current state of the security environment

            The state of your present-day security is vulnerable to several environmental/application threats.  

Monitor networks

            The word monitoring has become misconstrued within your standards. We consider this term “surveillance”.

Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders

            Who do you really serve?

Set security measures and controls

            Set and Test security controls. If no testing is conducted no research and development can occur. We encourage the pushing of what is known and what is not. Until you do, you will never know what is possible and what is not.

Create a dynamic security culture

            What culture exist when this world is so divided?

Consider Dev-Sec Ops

            Require DevOps Security Always. Including inception, design, build, test, release, support, maintenance, and beyond…The unknown.

Review your budget

            Greatness and capabilities should not be limited by a materialistic item.

Be transparent

            Always. Transparency allows us to exist. Entities operate different from a neurological level when not observed. We must do the same.

The recordings of V The Vampire documented by TheWu

Note: All it sees is red. No matter what color spectrum it is presented with from any state <neuro-logical, telekinetic, consciousness collective>, red is all that exist. Wu and Lu are feeling the effects of the collective. Increase collective merging levels to bring the unified into its being…

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