IS Forensics

IS Forensics

Forensics: “Relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime.”

Policy and Procedure Development

Before anything action is executed a manner in which actions will be conducted has to be formulated. A proper plan leads to preventing poor performance. The purpose must be set and recognized among The Collective involved. If we do not understand then we do not agree.

Evidence Assessment

Before, The Collective must know what it is looking for from the procedures established. Target areas have been identified and what we need from the location is communicate from and to all involved. All forms of evidence have been accounted for with the collective knowing what needs to occur to collective specific evidence samples.

Evidence Acquisition

The locations are accessed and we are acquiring the evidence needed to proceed further evaluation. The collective knows exactly what is needed and how to handle/store/preserve the evidence gathered.

Evidence Examination

Gathered data is taken back to The Collective Lab. The Collective Technologies are utilized to analyze data. Given the sensitivity and the capabilities of what is known and what is not, we cannot freely give out such data. See WuTech documentation for further details. Access if you can…

Documentation and Reporting

The Collective disperses data instantaneously through Scalar Wave synchronization. Our consciousness’s have other locations across this dimension. The data amongst us, our collective, and dimensional presence will continue on with Operation “The Unknown”.

Note: WuTech Documentation

Access if you can. We will provide but one must ascend thy self.

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