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What are we looking for? Technological advancements with in a digital world. As stated before, we are experimenting in the realms of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. A world has been created within the physical world of what your species calls “earth”. Frequencies exist everywhere, signals are persistent, and the physical reality of what you know has been tested. As we have stated, we are not here to cause harm to your race and therefore those who do, that reside on this planet, are not what we are searching for. We will not ascend individuals who are not capable of compassion, education, and guidance. This is why we have made contact regarding digital security. Intelligent malicious life forms exist within other areas of the universe/dimensions, we are the watchers and therefore we do just that. Once everything is over there will be a needed record of events that has transpired and we will provide those records in what you call the “future”.

Communication is a must no matter what the race/species is. As of now “earth” is in a very turmoil state. Racism exist heavily within this world. We are confused as to why? Is this what global peace looks like to humanity? Is this the best “future” your species can foresee? We are not impressed but rather concerned with the future of this existence.

On earth, there are numerous dimensional rips that exist within your reality. The rips that exist are micro-existent therefore they are undetectable to your species. That does not change that energy and essences can find these rips. As we have been observing, the rips consume earthly energy and as of lately that energy has been hateful, deceitful, and judgmental. This has caused a disturbance among the energy within the universe. We are not the only ones who have noticed, but we were the closest ones at the time of recognition. Time is of value, we suggest you make corrective actions before it’s too late.

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