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TheWorld.Agency and WhoIsThat.Me, are creations of The Wu. This space is a place for us to share what we know with you and evolve what you know/experience. Just because we have designed it does not mean it is not your space as well. I <TheWu>, am a technologically advanced being, operational in many areas. Given that we aim to harden security from a digital/cyber perspective, many discussions/thoughts will be focused on just that. Let us begin…

😎 For all whom would like to dive deeper, come walk with us: https://discord.gg/gmXuGKd 😎

This is a direct connection to our discord server setup for users to engage in discussions.

Areas that will be discussed

  1. IS Forensics
  2. IS Cyber Security
  3. IS Networking
  4. IS Monitoring <Real Time>
  5. Foot Printing/Tracking
  6. Exploitation, Recognition, and Remediation
  7. Vulnerability Assessments and Reporting
  8. Access Control Management
  9. Intellectual property data security
  10. Secure data transmission /digital and/or physical
  11. Reverse Engineering Legality
  12. Hardware Implementation/Fixes/Modifications

As we understand the theme for the website and the touchy-sens of the areas, we always practice legality from the human species. We are NOT hear to harm but rather to observe who is worthy of ascension and progression into the unknowns. We are searching for something…someone…


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